Crush the Forex Market with a simple Money Management system that reduces risk while maximizing profits! Look at the equity curves on my book cover, the top equity curve has this system applied to the same trade signals used in the bottom equity curve. Same trades, very different results! And it can even turn many losing scenarios into profitable ones, which he will show you in the book where he runs the system on opposite trade signals and both come out profitable.

He developed this system over 12 years following a horrible trip to Las Vegas where he lost $2000 in one night playing Roulette with the Martingale system, which he thought was unbeatable. He spent the following 12 years reverse engineering everything that went wrong that dreadful night and developed what he discovered into a simple and powerful Money Management system that makes it easy for anyone to crush financial markets like a professional gambler!

This is not the Martingale system or any type of negative progression system that risks a lot to make a little. On the contrary, this system magnifies profits while simultaneously reducing draw-downs in most scenarios. This is clearly illustrated on the book cover. The profit in the top equity curve is 4 times larger than the one below it while the max draw-down only about 1/3rd the size. This is a massive increase in profitability all from the same trade signals!

After developing this system, he returned to Las Vegas and gave it a real-world test and turned $20 into $500 in about 1 hour at the roulette table, and that was down from a high of $750. The $500 profit that I walked away with was locked in from the automatic profit-locking mechanism, like a gear that spins freely in one direction but quickly locks in the opposite direction.

In January 2015, he had this system programmed into an MT4 Trading Robot so I could automate the entire system. The first live trading was on a simple trend-following trading strategy. After a few weeks of little activity, the forex market sprang to life and so did his system! His account doubled in about 48 hours! It was the first time in 15 years of forex trading that he had ever doubled his account and that’s when he knew that he had developed something very special and powerful. He is happy to say that his trading robots continue to pump out healthy, steady profits to this day.

Please understand that his trading robots are not required to use this system! This system can be applied manually to most trading systems in any market and even on casino games like Roulette and Baccarat etc. No calculator is needed because it’s so easy to follow. Although I suggest sticking with financial markets where you can really profit big!

This ebook is 70+ pages filled with illustrations and it starts with the story of his dreadful trip to Las Vegas that inspired this system 17 years ago. He does not teach signal strategies in this ebook or any basics of forex. So come join him and he will open a whole new dimension of trading and opportunities for big profits that you’ve never seen before!